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Winter Gear to Keep Your Pet Comfy & Cozy


Disclosure: The winter gear below contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click on a link. But don’t fret, our furry friends would never forgive us if we were to feature products we didn’t genuinely love. Click the titles to shop!

As we head into the cooler months, it’s important that we give our pets a little TLC to navigate the chilly days with comfort and ease. From insulated jackets that ward off the winter chill to plush beds that provide a warm retreat, we’ve curated a collection of must-have items to keep tails wagging and whiskers twitching with delight. Trust us, Winter doesn’t have to be ruff—discover the gear from some of our fav brands that will have your pets purring and prancing through the snow with joy.

1. Chewy, Hurrta Expedition Insulated Dog Parka, $80

Keep your pup toasty warm when the temperature drops this winter in this Hurrta Expedition Insulated Dog Parka. Designed with laminated material that’s both waterproof and breathable, this jacket is made specifically for dogs with short hair or without an undercoat but can be used by dogs from all barks of life!

2. Petsmart, GF Pet® Elasto-fit® Dog Boots, $49.99

Keep your pooch’s paws protected from the ice and snow this winter with these GF Pet Elasto-Fit Dog Boots. Complete with traction control, the soft sole will help your furry friend grip onto ice, snow, rain and pavement with ease.

3. Petsmart, Paw Thaw® Pet-Friendly Ice Melter, $9.99

If you have pets at home, you’re definitely going to want to add this Paw Thaw® Pet-Friendly Ice Melter to your cart. Fast-acting, safe, and environmentally formulated, this product is a safer alternative to regular salt or sand. Plus, it has a non-slip formula that provides added traction control.

4., Canada Pooch, North Pole Dog Parka, $81.64 $30.24

Protect your pup on the coldest days with this North Pole Parka from Canada Pooch. The perfect combo of style and function, this puffy, water-resistant shell keeps your pup dry and warm. Complete with a fleece lining and an overall sung fit, this coat will comfortably stay in place as your pup run, plays, and lounges outside.

5. Chewy, Armarkat Winter Soft Warm Cat Bed, $54 $39

It’s not just the pups that need to stay warm – cats also need a place to warm up on the harshest winter days. This bed is the paw-fect shelter for keep the heat in and the cold out. Complete with a cushioned pillow insert, this bed will be purr-fect for your cat to cuddle up in.

6. Chewy, MidWest Quiet Time Fleece Dog Crate Mat, $43.99 $21.66

Looking for a way to warm up your dog’s crate this season? Try adding this MidWest Quiet Time Fleece Crate Mat. This soft bed is the perfect place for your pal to rest after a long day outside. Designed with stain-resistant fleece that is machine washable, this should be a no brainer to add to your cart.

7. Chewy, Petsmont Organic Touch & Heal Dog Paw Balm, 2-oz Jar, $39.95

Maintaining the health of your furry friend’s paws and noises in the winter should certainly be a priority – and it’s easy to do, thanks to this Petsmont Organic Touch and Heal Dog Paw Balm. Supporting external pain relief and promoting robust paw pads and hydrated noses, this balm is made from a non-toxic formula that is 100% safe to touch and lick (just in case your pooch gets curious!).

8. Chewy, Frisco Colorblock Dog & Cat Knitted Hat, $9.38

Keep your pet’s head and ears toasty warm this season with this cute Frisco Colorblock Knitted Hat. Purr-fect for dogs or cats, this stylish hat is a must-have addition to your pet’s cold-weather wardrobe.

9. Petco, K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House Cat Shelter, $150.99 $86.99

Have a kitty that likes to explore outside, even once snow hits the ground? Try setting up this heated cat shelter to help them warm up after they’ve explored the day away. Perfect for barns, garages, porches or anywhere where your cat could use some added warmth and protection, this cozy shelter is one of our favs.

10. Chewy, Frisco Sherpa Dog & Cat Blanket, 15.78

Elevate your pet’s napping experience this winter with this cozy Frisco Sherpa Blanket. Complete with a stylish modern design, this reversible and versatile blanket is perfect for protecting furniture from gathering fur, or for pets who enjoy bundling up for a cold winter’s nap.

Want to ensure your pup is good to go for the winter? Check out these grooming tips to help make sure they’re staying safe when the colder weather arrives.