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Nurtured Paws is a non-profit that works to build a humane community to help protect, advocate, and support animals in need across North America. We allocate a percentage of our profits to help feed animals in need, expand enclosures, and aid in day-to-day operations of rescues and shelters.

At Nurtured Paws, we are actively working to build a community to help protect, advocate, and support animals in need across North America, one search at a time.

How it
Nurtured Paws’ Yahoo! extension replaces the search engine and new tab page in your browser, allowing you to help pets every day with every search that you make.
Search the web using the Nurtured Paws extension.
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Search ads generate income for Nurtured Paws.
Nurtured Paws directly donates a percentage of these funds to shelters and rescues in need.

Download the
extension here

Discover the Why behind our mission. These 3 pillars drive our pet-focused community, advocating for a brighter future for our furry friends through every search.
Fostering Education & Awareness

Nurtured Paws goes beyond being just a pet-centric marketplace. We seek to provide valuable information into responsible pet ownership, health, and training.

Advancing Animal Welfare Legislation

The funds generated through your searches contribute to lobbyng efforts and campaigns aimed at protecting animals.

Supporting Shelters & Rescues

By using the Nurtured Paws search bar, you directly contribute to the well-being of animals in need.