Looking for more information regarding Nurtured Paws, what we do, and how you can start helping furry friends far and wide? We’ve got you covered!

Nurtured Paws is a non-profit that works to build a humane community to help protect, advocate, and support animals in need across North America. We allocate 75% of our profits to help feed animals in need, expand enclosures, and aid in day-to-day operations of rescues and shelters.

Mission Statement


Working to build a community to help protect, advocate, and support animals in need across North America, one search at a time.

Making Nurtured Paws your default search engine on desktop is easy. For your convenience, outlined below are instructions on how to use the Nurtured Paws extension on Chrome.  

downloading the nurtured paws extension

Using the Nurtured Paws extension will set your default search and homepage to Nurtured Paws automatically.

  1. Go to the Chrome Extension store and select add extension
  2. Confirm that you want to add Nurtured Paws to Chrome
  3. Open a new tab in your Chrome browser and accept changes.
  4. Nurtured Paws is now your default search engine.

Need some more help? Check out these instructions by Google Chrome for further assistance. 

Making nurtured paws your default search engine

The default search engine setting determines the search engine in the main address bar. To make Nurtured Paws your default search engine in Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings within Chrome
  2. Go to Search Engine and select Nurtured Paws as your default search engine

For more details, check out these instructions by Google Chrome

setting nurtured paws as your homepage

You can now make Nurtured Paws your browser’s homepage! Find out how to change your homepage in Chrome, here

Nurtured Paws Yahoo! extension replaces the search engine and new tab page in your browser, allowing you to help pets every day with every search you make.

How This Works

1. Search the web with the Nurtured Paws website

2. Search ads generate income for Nurtured Paws

3. Nurtured Paws directly donates these funds to help shelters in need

Currently, Nurtured Paws works directly with four (4) shelters & rescues within North America. Details on each charity we work with are highlighted below. Want to know more about what each individual organization stands for? Check out there websites directly by clicking on their title. 

  • ASPCA: Seeks to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.
  • Animal Welfare Institute: Dedicated to reducing animal suffering in the lab, on the farm, in commerce, at home, and in the wild.
  • The Humane Society: Works to end cruel practices towards animals, care for animals in crisis, and build a stronger animal protection movement.
  • Best Friends Animal Society: Working with shelters, rescue groups, and people around the United States to reduce the number of animals killed in shelters.
How does nurtured paws make money?

Similar to many other search engines, Nurtured Paws makes money each time a user clucks on one of the display ads in the search results.

The ads we show come through the Yahoo! advertising network and are clearly labeled as ads. We earn a few cents per ad click and put 75% of profits towards helping our furry friends in need.

How much per ad do you earn per click?

Our earnings per click depend on a variety of factors, including the value advertisers place on a search term.

what if i never click on an ad?

Don’t furr-et! Nurtured Paws becomes more appealing to advertisers with every additional user. You can support what we’re doing most effectively by using Nurtured Paws like any other search engine.

How do i know you’re donating to shelters & rescues?

One of our core values is remaining transparent with our users. You can check out our progress and recent donations via our blog and donations page, found here.

do you accept direct donations?

While our business modal does not accept direct donations, we have a number of shelters and rescues that you can reach out to individually to inquire about direct donations. You can find links to each organization we work with in the above section. 

How often is the search counter updated?

The counter shown on the extension page is updated hourly. This means that the searches made by users are not shown in real time, but it is updated several times per day.